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Vacation Rates

Vacation Rate

3 full days : 3,000£

5 full days : 4,000£

7 full days : 5,000£

Airline tickets/train tickets, 5 star accommodation and all other expense are obviously covered by you for vacations, a generous man of affluence, who knows how to treat a lady. 

Additionally, we can chat via email or WhatsApp to agree on a bespoke money gift to be graciously given to me for my time and companionship.

Gifts and methods of gifting can be discussed and agreed upon.

My Travel wishlist

These are a few places that I wish to visit this year.

Barcelona, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Florence, Italy

Rome, Italy

Paris, France

Jamaica, Caribbean

Barbados, Caribbean

The Bahamas, Caribbean

Things I would like to experience in 2022

Skiing in Real Snow


Tour Europe 

More 5 star spa dates

More 5 star dining

Michelin star dining

A white Christmas