• Mackenzie Beckles

Date Ideas in Saint Martin SXM

If you are wondering what to do in St Martin or Sint Maarten with your date, then keep reading because these ideas are going to really impress your date big time!

Most women like to be pampered and admired, so the first date idea I suggest is a couples massage at a luxurious hotel. Imagine the calming atmosphere and both you bodies being relaxed and massaged simultaneously. Normally when I get a massage I fall asleep because it’s just so soothing!

The second date idea in St Martin is a picnic. I mean a grand picnic! I heard about a Luxury Picnic trend recently and I adore the idea. It involves a lovely, comfortable picnic blanket and comfy, decorative pillows, little tents or tipi and food galore!

This is a unique date idea to try in St Martin. I assure you that your date will be very impressed and maybe very appreciative of you for thinking of this. You can thank me later!

That’s all for now. I hope you found one of these date ideas helpful. Let me know if you do any of these.



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